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The Conscious Kitchen

“The food we eat determines how healthy we are, yet the food available to us may do more harm than good – both to our health, and to the health of the land and oceans that provide it.”  ~ Harvard University School of Public Health

The Conscious Kitchen is dedicated to a systemic transformation of school food programs, to the health and well being of our children, and to a thriving future for our planet. Teens Turning Green launched the pilot program at Bayside MLK Academy in Marin City, California on August 28, 2013. We set out to break the cycle of unhealthy, pre-packaged, overly processed, heat and serve, by introducing, preparing, and serving fresh, local, organic, seasonal, non-GMO, scratch-cooked food to 170 students, staff, and faculty for breakfast and lunch each day. The Conscious Kitchen is supported by an interdisciplinary garden and nutrition curriculum. After one semester, this program is self-sustaining, successful, and fully integrated into the school community. If you would like to get a sense of how the program has unfolded, please click here to check out the CK Powerpoint.

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Video recap after the first 6 months of CK: Bayside MLK Academy:

Video at the launch of CK: Bayside MLK Academy