PGC 2011 Recap


Project Green Challenge 2011 was a great success, as thousands of young people began to transition from conventional to conscious lifestyles, schools and communities! With PGC 2011 as our framework, we intend to build ongoing eco initiatives to engage students on high school + college campuses nationwide. We would like to thank all those people who signed up to take the challenge, be campus reps, or volunteer their time with us to make this powerful, diverse and far-reaching movement a reality. Let us keep inspiring each other to learn, take action and sustain our world. Be the change!

Below you can find links to our PGC 2011 Recap PDF, as well as a link to our Green University Page, where you can find videos and info about both our 2011 finalists and Green U speakers.

We hope you will join us for PGC 2012. We’re Excited!

Download our PGC 2011 Recap Here

Check out our Green University page Here