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Campus Rep Events

Club Rush Event: AW Dreyfoos School of the Arts

“For club rush, we promoted PGC and our Environmental Society by putting together a wonderful table full of treats that was a feast for the eyes. Thanks so much for sending all the wonderful goodies, they definitely added excitement to the day and kicked everyone off to a great start. I can only imagine what this year is going to be like for Dreyfoos- our presence seems to be turning things around!

We got a TON of sign-ups, too!”
- Izzy

PGC 2012 Sign Up Event – Imperial Valley College

“Off to a good start on our first day of Repping at Imperial Valley College. Derrick and I set up a simple informational board on PGC for students to read. We also had a variety of displays on our table. The local paper, Imperial Valley Press plans to cover an article on us this Wednesday.”

- Ivan