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Sign up to be a PGC 2014 Campus Rep

Become a Campus Rep

What does the leadership role of a PGC Campus Rep entail? 

Your task as a Campus Rep will be to help organize students on your campus to participate in PGC 2014.

Help build, promote, and organize a totally amazing project to inspire your peers to transition from conventional to conscious living! Join other Reps in our Facebook group for ideas to help spread the word on your campus! We also have some fun prize incentives throughout the year for Campus Reps!

Check out our Campus Reps Facebook Page

We try to recruit between 2 and 4 Campus Reps at each participating school. If you are interested in a leadership role, please click on the link below and fill out the Campus Rep application. We look forward to having you join us!

Check out some of the great materials here that our Rep team has created to help spread the word!


Sign up to be a campus rep for PGC 2013!


Download the Campus Rep Packet above! 


Click above to access our campus rep toolkit!