Welcome to the ReStyled movement!

In this toolkit, you will find an overview of Ethical Fashion, information on its importance, and details for planning and hosting a ReStyled event at your school. The Teens Turning Green team is here to help and support you, so please read through the packet and then email or call us with any questions, comments or ideas.

TTG will supply each school with the ReStyled Collection: 15 – 20 eco looks, as well as green make up and hair products for the models. You will receive a RE-styled Look Book prior to the show with photographs of each look. As the collection will be passed from school to school, we will provide instructions for mailing the collection to its next destination. We ask that you make a commitment to care for the contents of the ReStyled collection, such that all schools can benefit from items in good condition.

An inventory sheet will be included (also available online), detailing all articles of clothing, accessories, hair and make up products in the Collection. We ask that you check off items upon receipt and before sending to the next school.

Our Teens Turning Green team looks forward to working with you to build a fabulous event! Please let us know how we can support you and work together to bring the ReStyled movement to your campus is a powerful way.

Download the full ReStyled Toolkit Here!