What: A Teens Turning Green spring initiative to inspire students to re think their wardrobe choices and gain an understanding about the global and environmental impact of simple purchases. The goal is to encourage a transition from conventional to conscious thinking for every day fashion!

Students are invited to apply here to host a ReStyled event showcasing eco-designed, fair trade, sustainable, repurposed, second hand, recycled, and upcycled fashion and accessory options which are both ethical and gorgeous. TTG will curate a collection of over 120 looks to travel school to school. These looks will be available for students to review and choose from in the “Look Book” link below. 

When: February through May

Where: ReStyled events will be hosted on up to 15 high school and college campuses

Why: The size and reach of the fashion industry is enormous. Think about it this way, every single person on earth, all 7 billion of us, get dressed ever day. Buying less clothing, shopping for vintage and ethical fashions, recycling and upcycling, sharing and swapping are just some of the ways we can approach ethical fashion. Remember that clothing sold for cheap is generally manufactured by people who are paid a substandard wage, and made from fabrics and dyes that pollute the environment. (Starre Vartan for the Huffington Post)

How: The ReStyled Toolkit is the go to guide to help define ethical fashion, provide plenty of resources to inform, and share the key information to plan and host an awesome ReStyled event. Read through the toolkit and then fill out your application to bring ReStyled to your school!

Resources: Check out our Style Pinterest Boards for all the latest green trends in fashion!

If you have any questions about ReStyled please contact us at



Click above to fill out an application so you can host a ReStyled event on your campus.



Click above to access our go to guide for hosting a ReStyled ethical fashion event on your campus. Feel free to email us.

Look Book


Click above to select ethically designed, recycled, upcyclced, second hand, and fair trade looks for your ReStyled event.



With the support of these amazing eco designers, ReStyled is coming to life.

Student Photos 

Check out some of the photos shot by students at Restyled events around the country!