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Conscious College Road Tour

Conscious College Road Tour 2014

Join TTG for the third annual #ConsciousCollege Road Tour, with visits to sixteen pre-selected college and university campuses nationwide. Beginning March 24, 2014 at Rice University and running through the first week of May at Cornell University, the tour is a unique, interactive, hands-on opportunity for students to become informed about the benefits and accessibility of conscious living. Stay up-to-date with the happenings from the road on our blog!


WHO: Thousands of students, faculty, and staff on college and university campuses nationwide working with Teens Turning Green and our brilliant corporate and non-profit partners

WHAT: A six-week fly/drive university tour to inspire, inform, and mobilize students to transition their lives and school campuses from conventional to conscious; each stop features:

        –      The Conscious Information Station: with a focus on seven key lifestyle categories and Project Green Challenge, the interactive set-up features info boards, product sampling, hands-on demos, activities, and in-depth conversations.

        –      Town Hall Meeting: an evening dinner gathering for students, faculty, and school leaders focuses attention on a student-led sustainability project to be developed on campus; TTG will collaborate from inception to fruition.

WHEN: March 24 – May 2, 2014


        –      March 24: Rice University in Houston, TX

        –      March 25: University of Louisville in Louisville, KY 

        –      March 27: Indiana University Southeast in New Albany, IN

        –      April 1: Humboldt State University in Humboldt, CA

        –      April 3: Chico State University in Chico, CA

        –      April 7: Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia

        –      April 9: Ohio State University in Columbus, OH

        –      April 10: Oberlin College in Oberlin, OH

        –      April 14: Kutztown University in Kutztown, PA

        –      April 16: Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY

        –      April 17: Columbia University / Barnard College in New York, NY

        –      April 21: American University in Washington, DC

        –      April 22: Georgetown University in Washington, DC

        –      April 24: University of Delaware in Newark, DE

        –      April 28: Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD

        –      May 1: Cornell University in Ithaca, NY

WHY: To offer tangible ways for students to live more consciously (education around safer and healthier practices and products) and be the change (advocacy campaigns and TTG programs) and support specific, relevant, actionable sustainability projects with stakeholders on each campus.


How does the tour unfold on your campus?

The Road Tour includes two main components to engage and support each school to develop actionable sustainability projects on campus:

The Conscious Information Station: An informational tabling event that will be hosted at each campus to inform and inspire a conscious approach to daily lifestyle. The information station will pair the TTG team and student leaders to run the event. The CIS typically takes place from from 11am – 3pm in a central and well-trafficked area of campus. The event offers free demos, product sampling, and tips about conscious living along with a series of informative resource boards that prompt great conversations. It is open to all students, faculty, and staff. Teachers often schedule class visits at the Info Station and follow up with further discussion during class.

Town Hall Meeting: The TTG team and student leaders will host a dinner and Town Hall Meeting on each campus to bring together students, faculty, and administrators from diverse campus affiliations for discussion around a key campus sustainability project. The goal of the evening will be to discuss the project, set goals, develop a plan and time line, and assign tasks. TTG will continue working with the student leadership to help bring this project to fruition. As an option, TTG will work with a few schools on a pilot project called Vision Green that we can discuss further.


What are the benefits to schools?  

– Partnership with Teens Turning Green, an organization that works to engage and mobilize thousands of students globally to be the change.

– Collaboration with like-minded students at other schools, facilitated by TTG.
– Mentorship by the TTG team and campaign members to develop and execute specific projects.
– Support to engage student interest in conscious lifestyle choices and sustainability initiatives on campus.

Road Tour 2014