Kids Turning Green


We launched Kids Turning Green in 2011 with one teacher in Marin County. This program goal was to inspire elementary school students to become informed and to take action for a healthier, just,and sustainable future.

When we are young, we believe that everything should be ‘right.’ Children don’t get the media bias, the corporate sway, so their voices are truthful. It is amazing to see the power of that voice when given a platform and inspiration! Kids respond to simple facts. They understand the concepts of good and bad, nutritious and unhealthy. They become so invested when they are informed. 

KTG allows us to reach, support, and collaborate with a demographic outside of our typical 14-23 age range.  

Start a KTG chapter and join us in greening the lives and schools of kids nationwide! Please contact us for any and all support. We have resources, tons of ideas, and mentors to assist in each step of the turning green process.

First Kids Turning Green Chapter

One fantastic, devoted first grade teacher at Venetia Valley School in Marin County started the first Kids Turning Green Chapter. With her students and our support, Thalia is greening her first grade classroom and documenting all in her First Graders Go Green blog, such that others can follow her lead. Here is a photo of the first ever Green Clean Closet in her Northern California classroom.