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Sustainable Food

Whether you’re a student, a friend, a brother or a sister, everyone on this planet is sure to have one thing in common- we all have to eat. Beyond simply filling our stomachs, food brings us together. Though the type of food, how it is prepared and where it is grown may differ, the pivotal role that food plays is the same in every culture. We are on a mission to ensure that students across the globe have access to the resources necessary to inform, engage and mobilize themselves and their community about the importance of sustainable food. Through powerful campaigns, inspiring programs and innovative resources, students will have the opportunity to lead the charge for change on their campuses. When we take the time to appreciate real food, we take the time to recognize just how important food is for the environment and for ourselves. Just remember; food is love, food is life, and food is truly our future.


Check out our #NonGMO campaign created by students, for students. It is a one stop site for all #NonGMO resources and activism.

This fall we at MLK Jr Academy in Marin City, CA we are launching our first ever conscious kitchen. We are transitioning the current cafeteria to sustainable, organic and cooked from scratch meals.

Conscious Eats
(Coming Soon) 


The conscious eats program will include a comprehensive database of organic, sustainable, local and farm to table restaurants and purveyors. Never worry about finding a good place to eat again!

Eco Top Chef Marin partners middle school students with local chefs in Marin, CA. During the program, students learn about sustainable farming, nutrition, and food appreciation, as well as creating a sustainable school lunch menu with their chef.

Conscious Food Book
(Coming Soon) 


The Conscious Food Book will contain recipes, tips and cooking help for all those wanting to make the transition from conventional to conscious cooking.

Click above for all of your sustainable food resources. Books, movies, articles and more.