Conscious College

College campuses are an epicenter of thought, activism, and change, where student leaders are at the forefront in collaboration with peers, esteemed faculty, and school leaders to tackle environmental challenges both on their campuses and in our world today. When we harness the diversity of disciplines, wisdom and expertise at colleges and universities we believe that there are few solutions that can’t be developed to make the planet a more healthy, just, and thriving place. The goal of this organization is to support a movement of students globally to live life consciously and to pass what they learn forward, far and wide. It’s all ready in process. Take a look through these TTG programs, check out our resources, and talk to us. Tell us how you want to lead change, how we can help guide you, and what you aspire toward.  

Our annual road trip visits 15+ schools across the country each spring to mobilize action and educate about conscious living. 

Go back to school, sustainably. We take the guesswork out of any back to school checklist with the best eco essentials. 

It is vital to introduce first year students to sustainability to build healthy habits from the start of their university careers!