2013 Programs

Teens Turning Green Programs: 2013



Project Green Spa (February - May)

Project Green Spa is an interactive on campus student hosted event to inform, educate, demonstrate, and inspire a conscious change in the daily use of body care products. Twelve schools will be selected to host events on their campuses based on a submitted application. TTG will support these events with a traveling Whole Body Conscious Collection to go school-to-school from February through May. Each school has to fill out an application to participate (here). Once applications are received and reviewed, schools will be selected on a first come first serve basis. 

ReStyled: A Conscious Approach to Fashion (February - May)

Rethinking fashion choices is the inspiration behind this initiative. Hosted by students on high school and college campuses across the country, ReStyled events feature eco designed, sustainable, repurposed, second hand, recycled, and upcycled, swapped and shared fashion and accessory options – all supporting ethical fashion choices.

The TTG team with students will curate a selection of ethical clothing and accessories that will travel school to school from February through May, 2013.
A TTG ReStyled Toolkit will help guide students through each step of their event. The first step is to fill out an application. (10-15 schools will be selected to host an event)

PGC Conscious College Road Tour 2013  (March | April)

The TTG team will travel in a tour vehicle to ten schools across the country. The Tour is designed to take themes and ideas raised by students during PGC 2012, and develop with students unique, actionable projects on each of the campuses selected for participation. The project frameworks will be developed by schools in collaboration with TTG, completed, and then written up as toolkits so that other schools can use the information to build similar initiatives on their campuses. Schools will be selected based on a thorough application that can be found here.

PGC Conscious College Food Book (March launch)

A compilation of recipes and menus submitted by students and partners that are really healthy, taste great, and won’t break the bank. The book will also highlight great food events hosted on campuses around the country.



Project Green Dorm (May - September)

Project Green Dorm is designed to help students green their lifestyle choices as they head back to school. Components include a Green Packing Checklist and the PGD Green Dorm Makeover Contest.

Freshman Green 15  (March - September)

To promote awareness around personal and campus sustainability starting from day one of freshman year. Green 15 will be a downloadable Welcome Packet for incoming freshman providing fifteen suggested actions to help students lessen their impact on the earth as they begin their next phase of life.

The packet will include the TTG Green Packing List with a link to the comprehensive Project Green Dorm website, the Freshman Green 15 Survival Kit with a selection of eco products from TTG partners, and info about Project Green Challenge 2013 and how to get involved. PGC is a global 30 day eco challenge in October for students to transition from conventional to conscious living. The goal of this program is to unite youth on many different campuses to collaborate in building a powerful, diverse and far reaching movement of change.

Freshman Green 15 will be launched through traditional media and on the TTG social media platforms in April as incoming freshman start to get mail from their chosen colleges to help them become informed and active citizens of the world.

Project Green Challenge 2013 (August - November) | Green U (December)

The Third Annual PGC 2013 is a 30 day global call to action for high school and college students to transition from conventional to conscious living during the month of October. 2,645 students, representing 464 schools, in 49 states, and 33 countries signed up for PGC 2012. Fourteen finalists were selected to attend GreenU in San Francisco. The projects framed at Green U are being developed with students around the world for 2013 implementation.

TTG is enlisting Campus Reps to help lead the PGC 2013 efforts on their campuses all over the world. Campus Reps will help organize and host PGC Signup events in August and September.

Ethical Paper Challenge (2013 launch)

This initiative will invite schools to transition their use of paper on campus from conventional to 100% recycled PCW. A toolkit will support students to accomplish this goal. Schools will be asked to sign a pledge to show their support.

Additional events, programs, and initiatives will evolve throughout the year in collaboration with students on campuses around the world.