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Teens Turning Green Programs: 2013

Teens Turning Green Programs 2013/2014

Our programs focus on relevant themes that resonate in daily life, on school campuses, and in local communities. These programs create awareness around the impact of actions, inspire change in habits, and mobilize youth around the implementation of healthy, sustainable, and just practices. We develop strong platforms and initiatives, and engage students globally, to be the change.

Project Green Challenge 2014 (August through October 2014)

Teens Turning Green will launch its fourth annual Project Green Challenge on October 1, 2014. This powerful, diverse and far reaching movement is a global call to action for high school and college students, to raise awareness about conscious living, informed consumption, and the collective impact of individual actions. Our goal is to inspire youth to transition from conventional to conscious living, take action, and sustain a healthy and just planet. 

PGC 2013 hosted 2700+ students involved on 403 campuses from 49 states and 29 countries.

• PGC Campus Reps hosted 22 Sign Up events
• PGC Campus Reps:100
• PGC Partners: 75
• PCG Interns: 25

Green University (November 2014)

PGC 2014 participants who complete the 30-day Challenge will be invited to apply for the Challenge Finals, called Green University. Up to 14 finalists from the global collective of participants will be selected to attend this awesome three-day eco summit from November 21-24 hosted in the Bay Area.

Finalists will be flown to Green U where they will have the opportunity to learn from and interact with esteemed eco leaders, present experiences from their 30-day Challenge, and work together to create innovative platforms for social action. This new slate of projects will be further developed by youth nationwide in 2014.

PGC Conscious College Road Tour 2014 (March to May 2014)

The Road Tour is a cross-country fly, drive adventure led by the Teens Turning Green team, that included visits to 12 college campuses across the United States. The Tour is designed to show up on campuses where we have capacity, work with student leaders, host a tabling event to inform and inspire students on campus. As well, we convene a “town hall” to focus on one action that will support students to prompt change around a more conscious college experience through a multifaceted approach.

The Conscious Kitchen a fresh local organic seasonal sustainable non gmo school food program (year round)

The Conscious Kitchen is a pilot program grounded at the Bayside MLK Academy, a K-8 in Marin City, California. To launch this one of a kind program TTG coalesced individuals, chefs, organizations, foundations, and businesses dedicated to a transformation of the school’s food system, directly affecting student and environmental health. The criteria of this initiative is fresh, local, organic, seasonal, sustainable, and non-GMO food striving for zero waste. The CK is led by a professional chef, staff, teachers, students, and volunteers serving breakfast and lunch to about 150 students and faculty each day. This initiative is working to unify existing nutrition, cooking, and gardening classes while serving delicious, nutrient-packed meals daily and mentorship opportunities with local chefs, farmers, and purveyors in the Marin community. The final outcome of this year long pilot will be to develop a toolkit with resources, menus, recipes, sources, and costs to share with schools across the country so that it can scale and feed the children who need it most the best food we can.

Eco Top Chef Marin(Feb to May 2014)

ETCM is a program for students to learn about the link between food, health, and the environment. In its third year, Eco Top Chef Marin brings together middle school students from throughout the county, and pairs them with professional chefs to learn about healthy food, growing, labeling, ingredients, and sourcing.

Students from up to eight Marin County middle schools are selected to participate in this unique and innovative program. Participants fill out an application and must demonstrate a strong interest in healthy food, food equity, and sustainable practices. The program consists of six formal meetings, four field trips, and two planning sessions with students and their Chef partner. Field trips include a visit to Green Gulch Organic Farm with Marin Organic, the San Rafael Sunday Farmer’s Market with the Agricultural Institute of Marin, a green grocer tour, and a visit to the restaurant of their partner chef.

Each school team will be paired with a Bay Area based professional chef. These teams will be tasked with developing a full menu that meets the school lunch budgets and far exceeds the nutritional values and criteria recommended by the USDA.

The Conscious Collections(year round)

Teens Turning Green launched the Conscious Collections in February 2013, a selection of thoughtfully curated, ethically-produced products across many lifestyle categories. Selected items are based on health of ingredients, environmental impact, efficacy, and verified standards like USDA Certified Organic, non-GMO, and Fair Trade. Live life, sustainably. Each monthly Collection has a unique theme. Take a look here. All proceeds support the TTG Internship Program.

The Conscious Kitchen Food Book: A Student’s Guide to Conscious Eating

This comprehensive guide for college students, will include a collection of simple, economical, healthy, and delicious recipes to fuel the conscious lifestyle of college students! It will feature a list of essential ingredients; a guide for which labels to seek out; and tips for how to eat “green” on a student budget (<$2/serving). The book will highlight resources, national school food initiatives, and innovative food-related events that students can host on their campuses to further inspire, inform, and mobilize around ethical food practices. 

TTG Conscious Film Fest (Fall/Winter/Spring semesters)

Four new and fantastic documentaries will be offered for screening on campuses; GMO OMG, Unacceptable Levels, Bringing it Home, and the Human Experiment, TTGwill work with each production team to host conversations around these films as well as to ethical products and sampling for students to try.

(Toolkit) Freshman Green 15  

FG15 is designed to encourage incoming freshmen to use their entry into college as a time to transition from conventional to conscious living. Through a list of 15 Eco Tips, Terms, Things to Bring, and a Green Packing List, students will have some simple tools to act thoughtfully and for the planet, from day one of freshman year. This program is a collaboration with Orientation Leaders, Res Life, RA’s, Eco Reps, and school personnel, to inspire students and staff toward sustainable choices for everyday decisions.

(Toolkit) #NonGMO: Students for the Right to Know

TTG is launching a robust call to action for students across high school and college campuses to become informed consumers, engaged global citizens, and active leaders around the Right to Know. By providing them with strong resources, avid support, and the tools necessary to host mobilizing on-campus events, students will be asked to spread the word about the Right to Know by calling on campus dining, campus retail buying, and students to recognize the tremendous impact of their daily choices influencing a transition from conventional to conscious purchasing and consumption.

(Toolkit) RestyledAn Ethical Approach to Lifestyle (November – May)

ReStyled is an ethical lifestyle initiative hosted by students on high school and college campuses across the country. The traveling ReStyled Collection includes consciously curated, fashion forward eco looks and eco accessories from eco-designers, businesses, vintage, and thrift shops. The collection travels during the school year.

(Toolkit) Project GreenSpa(November – May)

Project Green Spa is an interactive, student hosted event designed to inform, educate, demonstrate, and inspire a conscious change in the daily use of body care products. Up to 15 schools will be selected to host events on their campuses based on a submitted application and online interview. TTG will support these events with a Whole Body Conscious Collection that will travel from school-to-school from November through May. Schools will be selected on a first come first serve basis.  

(Toolkit) Project Green Dorm (PGD)  

PGD will re-launch showcasing our renovated green dorm room curated with eco lifestyle essentials for back to school. Our goal is to inspire students to green their own living spaces, and back to school items utilizing a check list, website, resource boards, and green dorm room photos.