Project Green Programs

Project Green is our year-round platform to engage, inspire, and mobilize students around socially and environmentally responsible practices, projects and initiatives. By guiding students in the transition from conventional to conscious lifestyles, Project Green collaborates with and mentors young leaders to ground action on campuses and in communities that drives positive change in the US and around the world. Three activations and campus life programs form the framework for each year’s slate of work.



Project Green Challenge (May through October)
A powerful, diverse, and far reaching global movement to engage high school and college students in daily challenges during the month of October. Through conscious living, informed consumption, and the collective impact of individual actions, PGC inspires students to transition lives, practices, and decision making from conventional to conscious. Last year’s PGC hosted 2700+ students on 410 campuses from 50 states and 32 countries. 200 PGC Campus Reps hosted 31 Sign Up events. Our TTG team brought on 75 PGC Partners and 25 PGC interns to bring the challenge to life!

Green University (November 21-23, 2014)
GreenU unites a group of like minded young eco activists in the Bay Area. Up to 16 students are selected as PGC Finalists from the global pool of thousands of participants and flown to San Francisco to participate in a 3-day eco summit with peers and esteemed eco leaders, present experiences from their 30-day Challenge, and work together to create innovative platforms for social action. This new slate of projects will be further developed by youth nationwide in the coming year.

Conscious College Road Tour (March through May)
The cross country fly-drive adventure to over a dozen college campuses mobilizes students to lead campus sustainability initiatives. Once schools are selected, plans are set in place for two-day visits featuring an exciting Conscious Information Station tabling event and a Town Hall dinner meeting to unite and collaborate with students on a campus project that TTG will support and see through to fruition with a multifaceted approach.


Campus Life

Year-round campus projects are inspired and developed by students across partner campuses. When completed, each project will be shared with a toolkit, resources, and key contacts for more information. The toolkits are created by and for students and target common, relevant sustainability issues. Through TTG’s unique approach, students ideate, exchange wisdom, and collectively mobilize around powerful actions that foster leadership, collaboration and mentorship to change the world!


ECO HUB: What’s happening in the eco/green/sustainable world on your campus? We are working with campuses to develop a framework to introduce students to the entry points to conscious living and activate powerful, collaborative change-makers. The program includes GREEN ORIENTATION, SUSTAINABILITY 101, and SUSTAINABILITY SEMINAR. COMING SOON

GREEN 15: To encourage students to transition from conventional to conscious from day one of their college career, this program offers Eco Tips, Terms, Things to Bring, and a Green Packing List as simple tools for thoughtful action. This collaboration with Orientation Leaders, Res Life, RAs, Eco Reps, and school personnel inspires students and staff toward sustainable choices for everyday decisions.

FILM FESTIVAL: TTG offers fantastic documentaries for screening on campuses, including GMO OMG, Unacceptable Levels, Bringing it Home, and The Human Experiment. TTG works with the production teams to host conversations around these films, as well as bring ethical product sampling for students to try.


PROJECT GREEN DORM: PGD showcases eco essentials for back-to-school to inspire students to green living spaces and back-to-school items with a check list, website, resource boards, and photos.

MOVE IN / MOVE OUT: A collaboration with university students and staff to green the college life process by addressing where items/furniture/supplies come from and go to before and after the school year. Ensure your “stuff” goes to the right place when you leave campus! COMING SOON


COOKBOOK: Simple, fresh, delicious, nutrient-rich recipes for school food programs and students alike. COMING SOON

STUDENTS FOR THE RIGHT TO KNOW: This is a call to action for students to become informed consumers, engaged global citizens, and active leaders around the Right to Know. With strong resources, avid support, and the necessary tools to host mobilizing on-campus events, students spread the word among campus dining, campus retailers, and peers about the tremendous impact of daily choices, purchases, and consumption habits in bringing about a healthier school and global environment. 

NON-GMO PANTRY: The go-to guide to transition food staples in a pantry, kitchen, restaurant, or school dining program from conventional to non-GMO.