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Wake Forest University
Pinterest Board

How did you hear about the contest?: My new RA sent out an email to all the students in her hall to spread the word about this contest. I’m so glad she did!

Why did you decide to enter?: Throughout this year I’ve been gradually changing my habits to a more eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle. During the spring semester of my freshman year, I volunteered to become a Residence Hall Captain for Wake Forest University’s first participation in the Campus Conservation Nationals competition. This experience among others really inspired me to continue improving my lifestyle habits and spreading those good habits to others. Last year I also happened to watch a program on the Food Network called The Big Waste which was a big influence in my passion for sustainability and zero waste efforts.

Just a few weeks ago I got drawn into using Pinterest and it’s been incredibly fun. I love being able to browse sites like Etsy for homemade eco-friendly products and saving unique posts on my Pinterest boards for quick reference. I was very excited to find out about this Green Dorm project and it gave me the push to discover a wide range of aspects to eco-friendly living.

Why do you think you should win?: My Project #GreenDorm pinterest board does more than compile a large list of eco-friendly products. I chose specific items and ideas that especially appeal to me by functionality, versatility and design – many of which I know I will refer back to in the future. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed coming up with fun, thoughtful descriptions for each and every one of these pins.

Through this project I have learned a lot about all these different products and companies that support green living and sustainability. I also added extra pins to pages that have interesting DIY projects and useful tips that I definitely want to make use of for my dorm and show to my friends.

How will you spread the word about an Eco Dorm Room?: I will be telling my friends about this competition and try my best to make my next dorm room an example of an eco-friendly place. I want to demonstrate and convince others that being green is not as hard as it might seem.

At the beginning of this summer I’ve made small changes such as making the switch to all-natural bathroom products. Since then I’ve never looked back. Last night I found a typography poster on a website selling natural products; it read, “Small Acts Transform the World.” I like to think that even the subtlest changes in lifestyle for a greener environment lead to strong long-run impacts.


University of San Diego
Pinterest Board

How did you hear about the contest?: I heard about the contest from my job and a club I am involved in at school. My job is working at USD’s Electronic Waste Center. And the club is the Be Blue Go Green Club.

Why did you decide to enter?: I decided to enter because I have always been green friendly. I already do small things around my home and when I’m living at school to help out the eco-system. Such as recycling bottles, paper, cardboard, etc., definitely taking showers under 12 minutes, turning off the lights when no one is using them, or simple things like not leaving the water running the entire time while brushing my teeth. Along with my parents and siblings we have bought solar powered lights for our backyard and front yard (really cool lights!), we have planted many fruit trees and vegetables in our backyard and we ride our bikes to work on days we know we don’t need our cars!

 Why do you think you should win?: I should win because I love being eco-friendly. I have always been considerate of our planet, the environment and animals. Winning this price will add to my motivation of always doing the best I can to save energy and give back to my community and environment. I honestly believe that anyone can do the simplest thing such as unplugging items not in use that will create a huge impact on our planet. I would love to win this price so I can live eco-friendly at school as much as I do at home after learning so much from my parents. Being raised to be aware of wasting energy has turned eco-friendly tasks into habits I’m unaware I do at times! Being eco-friendly is second nature to me!

 How will you spread the word about an Eco Dorm Room?: I have already emailed the link of the website and the rules to my co-workers, friends and family! Hopefully they do it so they can at least get some ideas of simple things they can do!


Moorpark College
Pinterest Board

How did you hear about the contest?: I follow Teens Turning Green on Twitter.

Why did you decide to enter?: I strive to do everything I can to lead a better lifestyle from what’s in my refrigerator to what’s in my bathroom cupboards, but for a college student money is always a problem. I’d love to win to have the funds to green my living even more.

Why do you think you should win?: Currently I live with my boyfriend, my parents, his parents, 5 cats, 3 dogs and 2 birds. Life is crazy and wonderful, and while we love each other, our living situation was brought about by financial need. We are all pretty conscious of the environment and strive to do our part, but sometimes it is really difficult. Both my boyfriend and I are college students, and if it wasn’t for funds we would be moving to San Francisco to attend San Francisco State, or Santa Barbara to attend UCSB (both schools I got into, but could not afford). I don’t want to sacrifice anything because I can’t afford it, from my education to the eco-conscious lifestyle I wish to live along with my fun crazy family. The grand prize would help us all so much.

How will you spread the word about an Eco Dorm Room?: Friends family, blogging, ANYTHING! The environment is so incredibly important from inside our bodies to the global scale. Humans impact everything and it’s up to us to make sure we are living conscious of damages we do. I go to green events, like the green festival and advocate green living in all facets of life.


Towson University
Pinterest Board

How did you hear about the contest?: Whole Foods on Twitter.

Why did you decide to enter?: I would love to win the eco package since I find green products expensive but necessary in caring for myself, others, and the Earth.

Why do you think you should win?: I am a Resident Assistant in the dorms at Towson University. I love setting an example for my residents by buying and using green/eco products for cleaning, decorating, and activities and events. I practice healthy and organic eating, and  often spread the word about environmental consciousness.

How will you spread the word about an Eco Dorm Room?: Twitter, facebook, word of mouth.


University of Illinois at Chicago
Pinterest Board

How did you hear about the contest?: I was on twitter just looking for some savings on back to school items (i happen to do it every year to see what i can save)

Why did you decide to enter?: i’m very eco-friendly, i’ve studied and took interest on this subject matter since high school.

Why do you think you should win?: not only would this help me get back to school on the right terms, i take part socially on facebook and twitter, so i can definitely spread the word and help in all aspects. i already am a part of serving the community using green products.

How will you spread the word about an Eco Dorm Room?: as i’ve answered previously, i take part in social networking apps, facebook, tumblr, twitter, even the ones that are not as mainstream as those, such as google +, i believe social media is the best way to help spread the word.

I would like to share that, beyond taking this whole green dorm contest…as even a contest, just 2-second search on eco friendly products on google made me realize that there are unlimited options when purchasing whether it’s decor, food and even clothes. While pinning, i learned more than trying to win the grand prize, but to just take out 10 minutes of my day to search my shopping list in green. Sure it costs a little more, but in the end, our environment wins..and even when it comes to organic food products..each of our individual health/lifestyle wins. I’d just like to thank your organization for an opportunity to not only spreading the word, but to prize one lucky individual for learning greener products for their own benefits. 


University of Michigan
Pinterest Board

How did you hear about the contest?: I heard the contest on Whole Foods Market Twitter.

Why did you decide to enter?: I decided to enter because the environment is becoming a bigger problem everyday and it’s important to save it. Also, as a college student, we have a lot of influence over social media and words spread like wildfire so I thought that if I entered and won, it would really get the word out to my friends and as well as to my school, which has one of the biggest population. In addition, the school will hopefully recognize this and aim to get a more eco-friendly environment.

Why do you think you should win?: I don’t necessarily I, myself, should win because I have the best board but anyone can have the best board. However, I do believe that I have a lot of passion, enthusiasm, and dedication that may stand out from the crowd.

How will you spread the word about an Eco Dorm Room?: I plan to spread the word about an Eco Dorm Room through words and friends but mostly through action. By showing my friends that I care about the environment, whether it’s through turning off the air conditioning, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or unplugging appliances when they’re not in use, I hope that they will see that it’s important to care about the environment and do the same.



Illinois Valley Community College
Pinterest Board

How did you hear about the contest?: Facebook

Why did you decide to enter?: I really enjoyed participating in the teens turning green program last year.  I learned a lot of things, talked to a lot of new people, and even won a cool prize or two.

Why do you think you should win?: I always hate these sort of questions.  I mean I would love to win, but in reality I just am already looking forward to looking for awesome things on pinterest.  It is like back to school shopping and entering a contest all in one!  I would love to win because my budget is a little tight with tuition costs.

How will you spread the word about an Eco Dorm Room?: I plan on spreading the word face to face with my friends, maybe posters on bulletin boards at school, and through social networks (pinterest, facebook, twitter, instagram) whatever I can think of!

I’m so excited to have gotten the opportunity to participate in this contest.  It was soooo much fun, and it was an eye-opening experience.  I found lots of new products and additions for my wishlists and was able to share my love of green items through media outlets like facebook, twitter, and pinterest.


University San Diego
Pinterest Board

How did you hear about the contest?: Email :D

Why did you decide to enter?: Even though I may not be returning to school in the Fall, I am moving out and will be truly living on my own soon. So I thought this was a good idea to organize all the eco-alternatives of the items I will need as well as cute thriftie ways to decorate my future apartment.

Why do you think you should win? The transition from living at home to living on your own has to be one of the most nerve-racking things in my life. Yet it also presents me with the opportunity to start over, to recreate my living space with the knowledge I have gained via PGC ’11 as well as the ideas I will encounter through PGD ’12. And furthermore, if I would win I could further my monetary vote in our now global and capital world rather than having to cut-corners in my mission to live a eco-conscious life.

How will you spread the word about an Eco Dorm Room?: Through my experience of PGC, I learned the relatively simple actions we can all take in order to live a more eco & health conscious lifestyle. And ever since then I have been excited to share the knowledge I have gain as well as urge others to dive deeper into these endless possibilities. So what a more fun and creative way to get more students to get more involved in the conscious movement than through pinterest dreaming? Therefore, I plan to share this unique competition via Facebook and Tumblr to all the college-kids who I think will gain the most out of this experience.



Kennesaw State University
Pinterest Board

How did you hear about the contest?: The Whole Foods website.

Why did you decide to enter?: Living green is something I’ve recently become passionate about. I’m currently redesigning my dorm room to be more ecofriendly.

Why do you think you should win?: As an extremely frugal college student, it’s definitely been an interesting transition for me to go green since, at times, it can be a bit pricey. This pinterest board will certainly help me with the contest, but I plan on actually using it to redesign my dorm room (and my lifestyle). It would definitely be nice to have some extra gift card money to fund my project! :)

 How will you spread the word about an Eco Dorm Room?: Trust me, I’ve already been badgering my roommates about being more conscious and green. I’ll definitely continue making others aware of how to create and Eco Dorm Room – starting with getting the place I live to provide us with more recycling facilities!


College of Marin
Pinterest Board

How did you hear about the contest?: I heard about PGD through the Teens Turning Green Facebook page.

Why did you decide to enter?: I decided to enter because I thought it would be an interesting and informative way of exploring the green alternatives to conventional items used in dorm rooms/living spaces. Also a great way to organize thoughts and make a reference for eco brands that I was unaware of.

Why do you think you should win?: With each item I picked, I researched the company that manufactured it. I found that all the companies were doing some sort of work outside their own workplace- like forest conservation, community projects in developing countries, and donating portions of their sales to grassroots groups. I put a lot of effort into researching the companies motives and missions.

How will you spread the word about an Eco Dorm Room?: I posted a message/status on facebook encouraging friends to check out the Project Green Dorm website and I also posted a message on my Tumblr the Contest and a link to the PDG website. I will also spread the word amongst my friends of how to green a dorm room using the resources provided on the PGD website, and how easy it is to make changes that are eco friendly.