Mr. Eco 

Brett “Mr. Eco” Edwards believes that monumental changes begin with the youngest members of society. He combined his passions for sustainability, wildlife conservation and hip-hop to create an environmental rap superhero that uses music to empower children to become activists called #EcoHeroes. Mr. Eco uses a blend of “edutainment” to teach our youth that their local actions impact ecosystems and wildlife globally.

Organic Spa Magazine

The first thing you should know about Organic Spa Magazine is that it’s not a magazine about spas. Nope. Of course, we adore spas and appreciate the fulfilling and holistic effect they have on us, but our focus for this magazine isn’t on the places one goes to retreat. Rather, it is about the wisdom that is often taken away from them. “Spa wisdom,” that invaluable health and wellness message that is the essence of true spas. We couple this message with our mission to help others achieve a greener, more sustainable, organic lifestyle. After all, isn’t that the goal?

Take Part

TakePart is a place for people who care about the world and want to live their lives accordingly. We feature original articles by journalists, activists, and experts about everything from climate change to LGBTQ rights to whether Big Macs should technically be considered food. In addition to being a place to read about issues that matter, TakePart is a place to make a difference. We believe more people would get involved if they had intuitive, trusted ways to do so (call us crazy), so we’re providing just that.