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It’s time to demand safer cell phones and use wiser practices!

Did you know?

  • courtney_with_phone.jpgMore than 4 billion people have cell phones. Half of those users are under twenty.
  • Cell phone radiation damages DNA, which can lead to cancer and other diseases.
  • Long-term use of cell phones significantly increases brain tumor risk.
  • Those who began using mobile phones as teenagers have four to five times greater risk of developing malignant brain tumors compared to those who did not use phones at these ages.
  • Men who use their cell phones four hours per day have been found to have half the sperm count of non-users.
  • Health experts have long been frozen out of policy-making decisions about cell phones; federal regulatory standards are written by the trillion-dollar cell phone industry.

11 Ways to Protect Yourself:
Steps to protect yourself from potential harm from the radiofrequency radiation emitted by these devices:

  1. Always use a hands-free headset or the speakerphone setting when talking on your cell phone. Some researchers say a wired headset, especially a “hollow tube” headset you can special-order—which will be labeled as such and uses hollow tubes rather than wires to conduct sound—is the best. But even a Bluetooth wireless headset will reduce your radio-frequency radiation exposure by several thousandfold.
  2. Keep the phone off your body. Carry your phone in a purse or bag with the antenna (back of the phone) pointed away from you, not in your pocket or bra. When you’re talking on it (with a headset or on speakerphone) put it on a table in front of you. Just a few inches can substantially reduce your radiation exposure.
  3. Text instead of talking. Holding your cell phone away from your head to send text messages exposes you to less radiation than talking on it without a headset.
  4. Turn it off. Phones only emit radio-frequency radiation when they’re searching for or receiving a signal, so a phone that’s off or in “airplane mode” is safer.
  5. Replace cordless phones with corded models. Cordless phones can emit as much radiation as cell phones, and the charging station constantly emits radiation.
  6. Use a low-radiation cell phone. Unless you live in San Francisco, cell phone retailers aren’t required to display the specific absorbency rate (SAR), or the amoun of radiation a phone causes your body to absorb. Search to find out the SAR level of your model, or consult the Environmental Working Group’s online database: But no matter how low the SAR of your phone is, it’s still important the phone away from your head and body whenever possible.
  7. Keep your cell phone, cordless phone, and wireless modem away from your head.
    All three will expose you to radio-frequency radiation, so banish all three from the bedroom or, at least, keep them away from your head and body. If you must have wireless Internet, turn off your router when you’re not using it, especially at night—a power strip with a timer can help.
  8. Keep your phone fully charged. When a cell phone’s signal strength is weak or blocked, it has to work harder—and consequently emits more radiation.
  9. Be wary of devices that claim to block EMF exposure. A Google search yielded 236,000 results for “EMF protection,” most of which were sites selling “protective” devices ranging from pendants and crystals to microchips and herbal remedies. Most experts agree that many are based on quasi-science and there’s no evidence that they work. Some “EMF shields” for your phone can actually increase the amount of radiation that it emits, since they block the signal and the phone has to work harder.
  10. Don’t give cell phones to young children as toys or pacifiers. If you occasionally let a little one play on your cell phone, put it into “airplane mode” so it won’t search for a signal—which means it won’t emit radiation.
  11. Take care with older children. Children are more susceptible to potential harm from radio-frequency radiation than adults. If you give your children a cell phone for safety reasons, also give them a headset and encourage them to text or use the speakerphone instead of putting the phone close to their heads.

More to consider…

  • Studies conducted outside of the cell phone industry consistently show cell phone use damages brain cell DNA. Children’s brains are growing at much faster rates and are especially vulnerable.
  • Dr. Franz Adlkofer, a professor of internal medicine who specializes in diseases with environmental and behavioral causes conclusively proved that cell phone radiation unravels DNA. Adlkofer’s team found that 3G phones were much worse than 2G phones.
  • Independent studies of cell phone radiation dangers find problems at more than twice the rate than industry-funded studies find problems. Science journals are publishing papers on this
    gaping disparity.
  • A study found that men who do not use cell phones have far more healthy sperm than those who used a cell phone between 2 and 4 hours a day. Those who used a cell for more than 4 hours had the lowest and sickliest sperm counts of all.
  • In another experiment, rats that have mastered getting out of a tank without drowning, once exposed to cell phone radiation for an hour, get lost and swim in circles.
  • Other nations are beginning to act. France is banning the sale of phones for children. Russia, the UK, Canada, Belgium, Israel, Finland, Germany, and India have discouraged the use of cell phones by children.
  • Lloyds of London, the oldest continuously active insurance marketplace in the world, now refuses to insure cell phone manufacturers against health-related claims, as do a number of other firms.
  • The cell phone industry has followed the playbook of the tobacco industry in dealing with any suggestion that phones could be problematic. Dr. Davis saw serious scientists, raising questions about the long term impact of cell phones on health, who were defunded and sometimes drummed out of research altogether.
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