Advocacy Campaigns

TG has a long history of advocacy, lobbying for legislative and policy change that protects human and environmental health. Campaign members do not stand apathetic in the face of injustice or wrongdoing; these powerful, young activists learn the facts, build platforms, find partners, raise a collective voice, and stand up for much-needed change to shift the paradigm. They have testified at local and state congressional hearings and actively contributed to the passage of numerous bills with tangible results.

Advocacy Highlights  

  • 2010: A+F Protests organized in SF and NY to demand retailer stop spraying toxic fragrance in and around their stores. Partnered with National Campaign for Safe Cosmetics to test fragrance for ingredients. Online petition created 2009.
  • 2010 : Testified at a California Senate Hearing in favor of the Green Chemistry Bill
  • 2010: Spoke out against Smart Meter at hearing/ rally at CPUC headquarters
  • 2010: Supported new SF legislation to pass legislation banning toxic trio for safer nail salons.
  • 2009: Dr. Devra Davis speaks in SF and Marin to advocate for new legislation for Safer Cell Phone labels for SARS rating. TG begins to develop outreach campaign. Campaign members testify at hearing in SF.
  • 2008: Salon Worker Hearings:  Campaign members testified at a hearing led by Senator Carole Migden in San Francisco  to pass laws in support in support of the health and well being of nail salon workers.
  • 2008: Campaign members testified at a hearing to ban lead in lipstick led by California Senator Carole Migden.
  • 2008: Lobbied for the ban of Bisphenol A in Sacramento, California
  • 2007: Toxic Toys Bill: Campaign members lobbied and hosted a press conference that forced the Governor to pass a bill he was set to veto banning phthalates from children’s toys. The bill was passed in October 2007.
  • 2005: Safe Cosmetics Act  of 2005 : Campaign members played a key role in the passage The California Safe Cosmetics Act of 2005. Thanks to their 11th hour lobbying efforts in Sacramento, California’s Governor reversed his decision to veto the bill and signed it into law.


Your toxic fragrance must go away!
A+F must stop spraying toxic fragrance in and around stores, as it negatively impacts the health of workers, customers, and the public. Join the movement to protest these actions and force change!


Are cell phones safe? Reduce your risk!
The cell phone industry’s own studies show that cell signals are absorbed deeply into the brains of children, as well up to two inches into an adult skull. We need to be sure that this technology is used in the safest possible way.


Say NO to lead in lipstick
TG has an interactive petition seeking to ban lead from lipstick, for which signers kiss a canvas with lead free lipstick to show support. After a California bill lost by one vote, there is great energy around further legislation to protect our right to health!





No paper, no plastic… bring your own bag!
Marin County has the opportunity to lead the nation in banning environmentally irresponsible single use bags. TG has worked with political leaders, organizations, businesses, students, and community members to make this a reality!



Why this tech is dangerous + taking action
These newly-implemented meters transmit pulses of microwave energy roughly every minute 24/7 and repeat signals from neighboring meters, creating a looming public health disaster for families and communities.



Having worked with many organizations on the implementation and outreach for Prop 37 in 2012, TG is still working with many partners to mobilize California college students to action around GMOs.