Meet the Judges

Eco Top Chef Marin Judges


Sunita Dutt Ellenby:
Food Service District Coordinator, Napa Valley Unified School District

Sunita brings her leadership, management and production experience to Napa Valley Unified School District to provide quality food options while still managing cost practices and strategy.  She has built a diverse Food Service team with varied skills, backgrounds and cultures. By mentoring and training kitchen staff in enhanced cooking skills she has improved employee performance and food quality for the district.

Tyler Thayer:
Education & Farm Audit Program Manger, Agriculture Institute of Marin

Tyler has been working in farmers markets for over 23 years. He has worn most every hat imaginable since he joined AIM in 2000, ranging from managing markets to leading our Diggin the Market tours to heading our farm audit program. He now leads our educational outreach programs. He especially loves to work with children of all ages empowering them to make their own healthy food choices by leading fun-filled farmers market tours of our farmers markets (his new nickname is “Mr. Green Jeans”), as well as engaging students by talking with them directly at their schools. He loves to challenge the students by sending them on a Chef Challenge at the Market where the students must create a tasty creative meal using only the fresh seasonal products found at the farmers market.


Aaron Wright:
Executive Chef / Partner, The Tavern at Lark Creek

Chef Aaron Wright’s passion for the celebration of food started at a young age while helping tend his family’s vegetable garden in Sonoma, California, where they sourced from farm chickens, goats and garden vegetables for their home-cooked meals. This importance placed upon food early on helped craft Wright’s love for the culinary world. He brings a diverse background, creative talent and cooking expertise to the Lark Creek Restaurant Group while overseeing The Tavern at Lark Creek’s commitment to seasonal farm-fresh dining.


Shelley Brown:
Executive Director, The Milagro Foundation

As a founding Board member of The Milagro Foundation in 1998, Shelley has served as the Executive Director since April 2000.  In this capacity, Shelley has been at the helm of Milagro and guided the foundation in giving over $5,000,000.00 to agencies serving children in 35 countries from the Bay Area to as far away as Africa and India.  Shelley’s background is as an educator, with twenty-five years of experience as a principal and teacher in school districts in Marin County and San Francisco.  She is an experienced board member with a wealth of knowledge in community educational programs and resources in the Bay Area. Her life’s work has been dedicated to supporting underserved youth.

Alice Beittel:
High School Junior,
Bishop O’Dowd High School, Oakland

Alice is a junior at Bishop O’ Dowd High School in Oakland, California. As a huge supporter for sustainable and healthy food, she is thrilled to be joining Teens Turning Green’s Eco Top Chef panel of judges. Alice found her passion for environmental justice during Project Green Challenge 2013 where she learned the countless positive impacts of having environmentally conscious eating habits and was inspired to create an organic garden in her backyard. Currently, she is a committee member of her high school’s Students for Sustainability Club where she is working to implement a Meatless Mondays program and loves to work in the Living Lab, a student created organic and sustainable school garden.

Raquel Rose:
Assistant Superintendent, Marin County Office of Education