Eco Top Chef

Turning Green is excited to announce the Fourth Annual Eco Top Chef Marin initiative. ETCM is an opportunity to inform, inspire and mobilize middle school students and faculty to rethink food service in their schools around six key terms; fresh, local, organic, seasonal, sustainable, non-GMO. These terms are based on the criteria of our Conscious Kitchen Program currently at Bayside MLK Academy.  The outcomes we seek are students, faculty and staff working toward healthy and nourishing food for their students.

ETCM works to inspire an understanding and appreciation of FLOSN food and its impact on health, nutrition and the planet. This program will provide fun, informative and collaborative opportunities for students to delve into this topic in partnership with local chefs, non-profits, and businesses in our community, all focused on the same mission.


 –    Each school must have a faculty advisor and parent to help organize field trips and serve as mentors
 –    All students and at least one adult mentor must be present for the ETCM meetings and field trips
 –    One team mentor will liaise with a Turning Green staff member
 –    Each team will be partnered with a local professional chef to create a FLOSN (fresh, local, organic, seasonal, non-GMO) meal that will be presented at the finals on May 17, 2015

 Each school is tasked with developing a project on campus to transition to a more sustainable food program.  Ideas can include a  school garden, ethical food sourcing, healthy lunch menus, composting, zero waste ….to name a few.


Eco Top Chef Marin 2015 Participating Schools

Kent Middle School, Kentfield
Marin Country Day School, Corte Madera
Bayside MLK Jr. Academy, Marin City
San Domenico Middle School, San Anselmo
White Hill Middle School, Fairfax
Willow Creek Academy, Sausalito
Mill Valley Middle School, Mill Valley
Ross School, Ross

Goals and Rewards:

  • Engage students, and teachers in collaborative work to transition school food programs from conventional to sustainable
  • Inform all participants about the benefits of fresh, local, organic, seasonal, sustainable, non-GMO food
  • Highlight the meaning and importance of “locally grown” through farm and farmers market field trips
  • Develop student skills to become strong advocates for fresh produce and food options in school dining facilities, lunch, and snack programs
  • Ensure understanding of the direct relationship between the healthy food and a healthy mind, body, and soul   

Benefit for Students:

  • Increased wisdom about the importance of eating fresh, local, organic, seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Adoption of healthier eating habits and spreading the word
  • Openness to trying new foods and choosing healthier, high-quality foods more often
  • Knowledge from chefs about food preparation, how to read and follow a recipe, and food safety
  • Engagement in a leadership opportunity and the opportunity to share with peers and community
  • Introduction to the Teens Turning Green organization along with opportunities for social action projects

Media and Imagery

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Who makes this program possible?

Meet the Chefs

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