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Teens Turning Green Select Program Calendar

Our programs focus on relevant themes that resonate in daily life, on school campuses, and in local communities. These programs create awareness around the impact of actions, inspire change in habits, and mobilize youth around the implementation of healthy, sustainable, and just practices. We develop strong platforms and initiatives, and engage students globally, to be the change.

Project Green Challenge (October)

Teens Turning Green hosts its annual challenge each October. This powerful, diverse and far reaching movement is a global call to action for high school and college students, to raise awareness about conscious living, informed consumption, and the collective impact of individual actions. Our goal is to inspire youth to transition from conventional to conscious living, take action, and sustain a healthy planet. Past years of PGC have engaged around 3,000 students representing 500 campuses in 50 states and 33 countries. It is an extraordinary month as we observe powerful, dynamic, passionate young leaders emerging worldwide.

Green University (November)

PGC participants who complete the 30-day Challenge are invited to apply for the Challenge Finals, called Green University. Up to 14 finalists from the global collective are selected to attend a three-day eco summit hosted in Marin County, California, just north of San Francisco. Finalists have the opportunity to learn from and interact with esteemed eco leaders, present experiences from their 30-day Challenge, and work together to create innovative platforms for social action. This new slate of projects will be further developed by TTG and youth nationwide the following year.

The Conscious College Road Tour (March to May)

The annual Road Tour visits to 16+ pre-selected college and university campuses nationwide – a unique, interactive, hands-on opportunity for students to become informed about the benefits and accessibility of conscious living.

The Conscious Collections (year round)

Teens Turning Green launched the Conscious Collections in February 2013, a selection of thoughtfully curated, ethically-produced products across many lifestyle categories. Selected items are based on health of ingredients, environmental impact, efficacy, and verified standards like USDA Certified Organic, non-GMO, and Fair Trade. Live life, sustainably. Each monthly Collection has a unique theme. Take a look at the website. All proceeds support the TTG Summer Internship Program. 

The Conscious Kitchen (August to June)

We have piloted and lead a fresh, local, organic, seasonal, sustainable, non-GMO school food program in the Sausalito | Marin City School District at Martin Luther King Jr., Academy Middle School and Bayside Elementary. The district is comprised of 120 students with 95% on free and reduced meal programs.

Freshman Green 15 (Fall)

FG15 is designed to encourage incoming freshmen to use their entry into college as a time to transform from conventional to conscious living. Through a list of 15 Eco Tips, Terms, Things to Bring, and a Green Packing List, students will have some simple tools to act thoughtfully and for the planet, from day one of freshman year and going forward. This program is a collaboration between Orientation Leaders, Res Life, RA’s, Eco Reps, and school personnel, to inspire sustainable choices for everyday decisions.

Project Green Spa: A Thoughtful Approach to the Daily Routine (year round)

Project Green Spa is an interactive, student-hosted event designed to inform, educate, demonstrate, and inspire a conscious change in the daily use of body care products. Schools can apply to host an event on their campus during the school year. TTG will support these events with the Whole Body Conscious Collection that will travel from school-to-school. Each school is asked to fill out an application for participation in this program. There is an accompanying “how to” toolkit.

Restyled: An Ethical Approach to Fashion (year round)

ReStyled is an ethical fashion initiative hosted by students on high school and college campuses across the country. The travelling ReStyled Collection includes consciously curated, fashion forward eco looks and accessories from eco-designers, vintage and thrift shops, Goodwill, and other businesses. The collection travels during the school year. Schools are asked to fill out an application to apply for participation. There is an accompanying “how to” toolkit.

Menu for Change: A Student’s Guide to Conscious Eating (relaunching soon)

This comprehensive guide for college students, will include a collection of simple, economical, healthy, and delicious recipes to fuel the conscious lifestyle of college students! It will feature a list of essential ingredients; a guide for which labels to seek out; and tips for how to eat “green” on a student budget (<$2/serving). The book will also highlight great resources, national school food initiatives, and innovative food-related events that students can host on their campuses to further inspire, inform, and mobilize around ethical food practices. 

Project Green Dorm (Back to School season)

Project Green Dorm is designed to inspire students to green their packing list and college lifestyle as they prepare for school. The Green Packing Checklist, Conscious Collection of Essentials and the PGD Green Dorm Makeover Contest will make the process really fun, simple, and ecofabulous!

Project Green Spa: Live Life Consciously (February to May)

Project Green Spa is an interactive on campus student hosted event to inform, educate, demonstrate, and inspire a conscious change in the daily use of body care products. Twelve schools are selected to host events on their campuses based on a written application. TTG supports these events with a Conscious Collection of ethical products that travel school-to-school. Schools are invited to fill out an application in order to participate on the TTG website. Once applications are received and reviewed, schools will be selected on a first come first serve basis.

ReStyled: A Conscious Approach to Fashion (February to May)

The ReStyled Collection travels from school to school with looks from eco-designers, repurposed and upcycled items, second-hand and recycled styles, as well as swapped and shared pieces. The goal of this event is for students to host ethical fashion events that will inspire their peers to rethink daily wardrobe choices. Ten to fifteen schools are selected to host ReStyled events, based on an application and interview.

Eco Top Chef Marin (March to May)

ETCM is a platform to engage in conversation about the link between food, health, and the environment. How can we affect change as individuals, while collectively transitioning the way we eat at home and in our school dining halls from conventional to conscious? In its second year, Eco Top Chef Marin brings together middle school students from throughout the county, takes them on four field trips, and pairs them with professional chefs to inform students about healthy food, growing, labeling, ingredients, and sourcing.

Select Past Programs

Conscious Paper Platform Launch with Kejriwal

Date: February 2012

Description: TTG developed a toolkit for students across the country to advocate at their schools to transition paper purchasing from conventional to conscious.

More Info: To work with us to green your schools paper policy contact the TTG team at

Eco Top Chef Program Launch

Date: March 2012

Description: With the goal of encouraging middle school students to transition from conventional to conscious eating, TTG spearheaded Eco Top Chef Marin (ECTM). The pilot program in the spring of 2012 provided information to students about healthy food, menus, and ingredients through partnerships with local non-profits, farmers, businesses, and professional chefs in our community. Seventy middle school students from eight Marin County schools were selected to participate in TTG program and paired with professional Bay Area Executive Chefs. These chef-student teams developed lunch menus that meet school budgets and exceed the nutritional values recommended by the USDA. Partnerships with Marin County Office of Education, Marin Organic, Ag Institute of Marin, Whole Foods Market, restaurants and esteemed chefs.

Natural Products Expo West

Date: March 8 – 11
, 2012

Description: Raychel, the PGC Champion 2011, spoke and presented a film about her Project Green Challenge experience before the Whole Foods Market national Whole Body team. Three PGC Finalists led tabling in support of the California ballot initiative to label GMOs with Nature’s Path.

The Organic Center Annual Dinner

Date: March 9
, 2012

Description: TTG co-founder, Erin Schrode, was honored with the prestigious Communicator’s Award as a hero around education about the science of organics and spoke at this top industry dinner. 

Make the Switch Campaign Launch with Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps

Date: March 27, 2012

Description: With Venetia Valley School in San Rafael, California, TTG piloted a campaign to raise awareness about conscious cleaning products in school classrooms. Hazardous classroom products were replaced with a Project Green Clean Kit, a bucket filled with ethical cleaning products featuring Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps’ Sal Suds soap. 

GreenStyled Contest with eBay Green

Date: April 2012

Description: College students were invited to curate a head-to-toe eco look with items found on eBay Green and explain what made each piece sustainable or conscious. The winner, Rachel G., from Indiana University received a $1,000 gift card from eBay Green.

Right to Know College Road Tour 

Date: April – May 2012

Description: TTG launched a college road tour to raise awareness about the Right to Know California Ballot Initiative to label GMO foods, as well as to educate students about the health and environmental impact of ingredients in daily use products. The TTG team took its Eco Pop Up Expo on the road to 10 California universities to garner support for the legislative effort, spread the word about PGC, and inspire a transition from conventional to conscious living! Stops included Stanford, UCLA, USC, UCSB, UCSC, UCSD, Cal Poly and more.

ReStyled with eBay Green

Date: April – May 2012

Description: Colleges and universities across the country hosted ReStyled ethical fashion events with a collection of looks from eco designers, ebay Green, and thrift stores, all curated by TTG and sent to schools with ethical hair and make up products for models. Students hosted the shows at a venue on campus to raise awareness about ethical apparel.

More info: Contact us at to host a campus event next year.

White House Summit on Environmental Education

Date: April 16, 2012

Description: The EPA organized the first-ever federal summit on environmental education at the White House. EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson, and Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, hosted 100 select environmental, non-profit, business, and government leaders, including two members of the TTG team. Campaign co-founder, Erin Schrode, spoke about active citizenry and youth commitment to service, following the presentation of the Presidential Environmental Youth Awards.

Sustainable Packaging Coalition Spring Meeting

Date: April 24, 2102

Description: TTG co-founder, Erin Schrode, spoke before hundreds of high-level executives about millennials, packaging, and a new wave of social consumption at this global gathering in Toronto. The member-only audience represented a mix of material manufacturers, packaging converters, and consumer goods manufacturers, including BASF Dow, DuPont, Nike, Mattel, Clorox, Coca Cola, Dell, Esteé Lauder Companies, General Mills, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg, Kraft, Marks and Spencer, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Nestle Purina, PepsiCo, Procter and Gamble, Starbucks, Unilever, UPS and others, ranging from sustainability officers, packaging R&D directors, packaging engineers and designers to materials scientists, procurement professionals and marketing managers. 

Eco Top Chef Challenge

Date: May 19, 2012

Description: After a semester of food-focused curriculum, seven student teams with seven professional Bay Area chefs faced off in the first annual Eco Top Chef Challenge to create the most sustainable school lunch. Judging criteria called for organic, local, seasonal ingredients with a budget of $1.35 per person. The hands-on event was open to the public, families, and members of the school communities.

More info: To sign up for or become involved in Eco Top Chef for the coming school year, email

TTG Summer Internships

Date: May – August 2012

Description: High school and college students from around the country applied to join the TTG team this summer as we develop Project Green Dorm and Project Green Challenge 2012!

More info: Contact for details and to apply.

Sustainable Brands Conference (SB’12)

Date: June 4 – 7, 2012

Description: TTG co-founder Erin Schrode spoke on the “Making Green Chemistry Marketable” panel alongside senior executives from Dow Chemicals, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Steelcase, HP, the California Department of Toxic Substance Control, and others. Conference attendees represent the leading global corporations, consultants, and strategists on sustainability.

CNN Green Pioneer Special Shoot

Date: June 14 – 15, 2012

Description: CNN is profiling TTG co-founder Erin Schrode as a “green pioneer” for an upcoming television special. With a video crew in tow, Erin hosted a master class for elementary, middle and high school students, as well as speaking with food purveyors at the Farmers Market, visiting local retailers with conscious options like Whole Foods Market and The Container Store, and hosting a meeting and photoshoot at the TTG main offices in Northern California.

Presentation at Chipotle Headquarters in Denver, Colorado

Date: August 9, 2012

Description: TTG co-founder Erin Schrode will speak at the Chipotle headquarters about millennials attitudes around and tendencies toward sustainability. 

Project Green Dorm (PGD)

Date: July – September 2012

Description: This unique initiative inspires students to green living spaces and lifestyles for back-to-school. TTG has created 12 chapters to cover all aspects of home, dorm, and space – highlighting the top eco options in each category. The website, top picks, resources, and Back-To-School Checklist seek to mobilize students to think consciously, take action, and set goals for eco impact!

More info: Visit when it launches in late July!

PGD Makeover Contest with eBay Green and Whole Foods Market

Date: August 1 – September 1, 2012

Description: Green your dorm or living space as you head back to school this year! We invite students to curate their ultimate green room through an upcoming Pinterest contest. The prize for the best entry includes a green dorm makeover.

More info: Visit when it launches in late July!

Project Green Challenge (PGC) In Store Campaign with Whole Foods Market

Date: September 2012

Description: Whole Foods Markets nationwide will launch PGC 2012 with an in-store campaign and events highlighting simple, fun ways to green your back to school routine.\

Project Green Challenge 2012

Date: October 1 – 30
, 2012

Description: TTG’s second annual 30-day eco lifestyle challenge for high school and college students mobilizes youth on campuses around the world to transition from conventional to conscious living. Sign up and be a change maker! Become informed, take action with themed challenges, share with peers, and win great prizes each day – and compete for a spot as a Challenge finalist at Green University and a phenomenal grand prize, including a scholarship.

More Info: Visit for details and to see last year’s brilliant content.