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We have found a niche in mobilizing youth to become active around issues that have a direct impact on personal and environmental health. By building and executing innovative and high impact projects, programs, toolkits, and advocacy campaigns in collaboration with diverse partners, students have the opportunity to affect tangible, positive change in daily life, schools, and communities. That is powerful. Metrics speak, but the voices of our campaign members and partners speak with an incomparable passion. Empowerment and action is magical!

We measure success in lives touched, mindsets shifted, consciences activated, habits transformed, approaches impacted… all towards a more conscious way of life.

“I have been inspired by Teens Turning Green because of its incredible commitment to teaching, training, and supporting young people to make a difference in the world. The amazing TTG team goes above and beyond the typical grassroots organization by making personal and meaningful connections to each of its participants; and that’s what makes its impact so powerful!” – Raychel G.

“TTG is special because it encourages people to change their lifestyles for the better, little by little, it becomes powerful. Teens need to be leading the eco-revolution, and TTG is perfect for helping with that. Since working with TTG, I feel more empowered to change my own life, and encourage those around me to do the same. I am more inspired to take on the challenge of creating a greener and safer world, where as before, I wouldn’t have even known where to start or how to get others involved. It’s opened a world of opportunities and excitement that I don’t know if I would ever have opened before.” – Sophia W.

“TTG has been able to bring about meaningful change that we couldn’t on our own. We look forward to our partnership with them for life.” – Rachna, Kejriwal Paper

“Personally, I think there is nothing more powerful than our youth. Teens Turning Green embodies all that can be possible when passionate young adults band together and mobilize efforts. Teens Turning Green is changing the world by raising awareness that will ultimately lead to a cleaner, healthier world for generations to come. The amazing part is that they are accomplishing this not just by espousing virtues, but by applying them and creating real change in policy, people and helping make the concept of sustainability a reality.” – Jeremiah McElwee, Whole Foods Market

“TTG focuses the enthusiasm of young eco-activists across the country forming a supportive network of energetic individuals. TTG gives students the tools to put on their own events while supporting them through the process to ensure that that events reach the most people and have the greatest impact. With motivation and support from TTG I have taken on roles of leadership and activism at my school that I would never have dreamed myself capable of taking. – Lucy I.

“TTG gave me the confidence to speak to a room full of people. TTG inspired me to make a difference in my life, my school and my community. TTG changes the world by inspiring young people and kids to speak out about the issues they care about. TTG has made my life healthier and given me perspective on what environmentalism means to different people. I am involved with TTG because it is helping to save the environment and it is inspiring the lives of people all over the USA. TTG has given me the tools I need to make a difference.” – Hannah G.

“I love interacting with smart young women on a mission, especially when the mission coincides with mine.  TTG does such a great job of supporting and empowering teenagers so they can make a real contribution to our future and the future of this planet.” – Jane Iredale, jane iredale Mineral Cosmetics