Envision                                       Inspire                                       Educate       
                        Collaborate                                    Mobilize                                Act

. . . Dream and Do

“We are young people with a passion to change the world. We know our world, speak our minds, and value values. We stand for environmentally sustainable and socially responsible choices, practices and communities. We believe that a conscious mindset and thoughtful perspective are critical in today’s society. We remain aware of the effects of our actions on the earth and those around us. We evolve, but we do not cave. We assess our surroundings and investigate the impacts of what we do and think. We choose wisely and lead with purpose and passion. We think that every living being has the power to affect positive change. We see individuals as catalysts for beautiful, radical movements that our world needs at every level. We set ourselves on a journey from conventional to conscious. We learn from innovation and living in the moment. We push for transparency, challenge injustice, and shake up systems that oppress, poison, or fail. We empower peers to grow our global voice because together we thrive. We choose action for good over apathy 24 hours a day. Impossible is nothing. Inspiration is everything. We dream and do.”

– Erin Schrode, TG Co-Founder