Turning Green is a student led global movement devoted to education and advocacy around environmentally sustainable and socially responsible choices for individuals, schools, and communities. TG seeks to engage youth in the transition from conventional to conscious living, empowering this generation and mobilizing action to sustain a healthy planet.


The Power of Youth

At the heart of this powerful effort, students forge partnerships with some of the top minds in the world today, industry leaders, policymakers, schools, green businesses, journalists, scientists, farmers, non-profits, community leaders, and a growing list of supporters, working together to create a healthy, just planet. Young advocates raise awareness among peers, speak about issues with passion and conviction, influence legislation around chemical policy, pressure corporate change, host high profile events and campaigns, and collaborate with like-minded individuals and groups to affect real, positive change. With a strong physical and virtual presence, these student-led programs work to ensure healthy generations and a sustained world far into the future.



TG focuses on relevant themes that resonate in daily life, on school campuses, and in local communities. Programs raise awareness around the impact of actions, inspire behavior change, and mobilize youth to implement healthy, sustainable, just practices. TG develops strong platforms, projects, events, and initiatives to engage students globally to be the change. Take a look at current programs and join the journey!